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Fable II: Decisions, decisions…

Fable II hero in moonlight

Let me start this off by saying that I have played almost nothing of Fable I. By the time the game was released I was already put off by the word of mouth about how the game didn’t come close to living up to expectations, and decided to pass it by.

That being said I picked up Fable II at the midnight release, deciding that I would have faith that with this new hardware at his disposal, Peter Molynuex might actually pull off his grandiose, (and sometimes over the top), plan for this new iteration. My first impression was one of sheer amazement at the visuals, the sounds, and the subtle comedy that is often missed if one does not spend enough time with the “Lower Class” of Albion.

The battle system is a thing of beauty, proving the old clichè that sometimes less is more. One button for Melee, one for Ranged attacks, and one for Magic or “Will”. The only issue with this system is that you begin to feel that you have to pigeon-hole yourself to one style of fighting in order to really succeed at any. This is, of course, not the case, as there is no cap for experience, but you will notice that the game is significantly easier if you max out one or two types of attacks at a time.

Fable II female hero
Fable II female hero using time magic

The fact that almost every major decision you make can seriously affect you, or the world around you adds an important element of attachment to the game world. I loved the fact that this time around, the decisions were not all “Good or Evil” as there was a lot of grey in between. Many times being good will cost you a great deal. (Enjoy the Temple of Light.)

The main story line is short for an RPG, and one could easily complete it after around 8 hours, but with your dog at your side, and the lust to explore uncharted area’s that may hold treasure, is enough to keep you off track a bit. (Not to mention the ridiculous, and quite annoying Gargoyles, 50 of them, each somewhat hidden and taunting you to shoot them Ala the Frenchman from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.) Gratefully, after finishing the games main story, you can continue adventuring, albeit after making a very dire choice that will affect how the rest of your adventures in Albion turn out.

Fable II a heros best friend
Fable II a hero’s best friend

The game is however, far from perfect. There a numerous bugs, (Which Lionhead states they are already working on addressing), from as enemies getting “stuck”, to game-breaking bugs that some have encountered in which a main storyline character will not give you his quest.

Overall, Fable II is still a Must-Play for any fan of RPG’s, as it delivers on all the major aspects that players of this genre crave. (Even if it doesn’t deliver on all of Molynuex’s boasting.)

♠♥ The Wandering Gambler ♠♥ gives this game a Full House.

A Full House

A Full House


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