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Fable II: Good or Evil

Heroic and Blessed By The Light

It’s been a little over a week now since Fable II came out. This should be enough time for most of you to play and decide what path you are taking.

Good or Evil…Life’s ultimate decision. The path you take will effect the world around you, twisting it or brightening it. So in Fable II which route are you taking and why? If you played Fable I how does this compare?

I’m Trying to Make a good hero. Which is damn hard by trying to accomplish it without donating to the Temple of Light….


Don’t forget, Every 5 minutes another Hero in Albion gets an STD! Please, please do your part and donate to The Hero Lineage Protection fund. For just pennies a day you can provide a noble hero or dashing villain a stock pile of Purity protecting condoms.

Evil and Dark Inside

Evil and Dark Inside


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