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Final Fantasy Battle for The Best


Given that in the next few months a number of Final Fantasy XIII games will be coming out, the inevitable discussion will begin. “Which Final Fantasy is the best? ”

Now I’ve been a fan of the Final Fantasy series for a long time…but not as long as some. I started out playing Final Fantasy III (That’s actually FF VI for the uninitiated. It was the first Final Fantasy game I played and I was enthralled). It was massive by the standards of the games at the time (supposedly suppose to take about 100 hours for a newb to beat). From then on I was hooked and had to play any Final Fantasy Game that came out. Now I know I’m starting to sound like a Square fanboy, which may be true to some extent, but their games are not flawless and there were some that left something to be expected. My favorites, because I can’t choose just one, would have to be VI, VII, and X. Mostly because the story in all of those is amazing.

With that said, let the debate begin. What is the best Final Fantasy game of all time and why?


One Response to “Final Fantasy Battle for The Best”

  1. FFIV is tied closely with FFVI in my opinion, both had great storylines and gameplay. The FFIV remake on the DS looks beautiful, I can only hope they do one of FFVI soon!

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