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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows: What will you choose?


Pasta or salad? Hero or villain? Red or Black? These are the types of decisions that Activision wants you to answer as you delve into the world of virtual New York as the friendly neighborhood web crawler. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive at first of spending $60 for a new Spider-Man game but I decided to chance it.

Keeping in mind that this is one of the first Spider-Man games that wasn’t tied to a movie and not meant for young children in years, this game is pretty decent. While it does have a few problems, the visuals make up for it. It seems that the developers really tried to utilize the Xbox 360’s hardware as much as they could.

The city is enormous and the draw distance is very good. They really managed to harness the fluidity of Spider-Man’s movements when it comes to swing around and doing acrobatics in the air.

This game packs a decent story and a few allies and cameos by other Marvel characters. The voice acting on a few of these other characters is sub-par, unfortunately. Game play does bring something new to the table, though. Being able to go from the air to the side of a building and then back to street level…very cool. The transition from the classic Red & Blue suit to the Black Symbiote Suit….during battle…is simply awesome.

Aside from the crisp visuals, the game does get a bit redundant after a while. There’s only so many civilians you can rescue and so many enemies to take down. You can upgrade Spidey’s moves and add some cool elements to your attacks.



Certain points of the game leave you to make a decision. Will you be Black Spider-Man (evil) or will you choose Red & Blue Spidey (hero). These decisions impact the way the story goes. Yet this still does not compensate for the flaws that this game has. This game, I feel was rushed. That or there are many things that slipped by the quality assurance department. There were several videos that wouldn’t play properly and would just get stuck and start looping. This can be very frustrating when you press the button to skip the video and find yourself battling Electro and you’re not sure if you have to chase him or try to defeat him.

Regardless of this, this is a decent game. It would have been nice to actually see damage reflect on Spider-Man’s suit and a little better voice acting. I would recommend renting it first, rather than fork over the $60 for it. And for this reason…I give Spider-Man: Web of Shadows…8 out of 10 brains.

8 x



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