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Fallout 3: What beautiful destruction.


Unlike my Fable 2 review I played the hell out of some Fallout 2 in my early-gamer-life.  It was an instant classic, and one of my favorites in the genre.  So needless to say when Fallout 3 was released last month, I was excited.  I picked up the collectors edition and now have my Vault Boy Bobblehead and Vault-Tec Lunchbox sitting lovingly on my desk at work, directly under the games poster.  I simply have to applaud Bethesda for having these items in their collectors edition.  So frequently now, it seems that the CE of any game is simply made to extract extra money from rabid fans, and give them crap DLC or some such non-sense.


All that being said, time to move on to the game.  I made a prediction before the game came out that Fallout 3 would win Game of the Year.  After logging many hours into my “Good Karma” character, and finishing the games storyline, I stand by that assumption.  The FPS/RPG/Open-World Adventure game is stunning in almost every facet.  It begins deeply immersive, drawing you in by beginning with you as a baby, looking up cloudily into your father’s face for the first time, and swiftly progresess into adulthood.  This all serves as a tutorial mode, as well as where you make the first basic choices that will follow you into this immense game.  Stepping out of the vault as your eyes get used to the bright sunlight, you are immediatly greeted by the “Capitol Wasteland”.  How Bethesda was able to take an utterly destroyed DC area and make it look sublimely beautiful, I will never understand.  But they did, and it pays off.  Even when simply roaming around, searching for new areas to explore, you are constantly stopping and staring at the amazing detail that was infused into every building, every scorched landscape, every mutated animal.


Simply said, there is enough game here to make you a recluse for about a month.  Unfortunatley the story ends rather abruptly, and if one were to not spend time doing many of the side-quests, the game could likely be beaten in around 8 hours.  The VATS targetting system (See Above) has many detractors, but I felt it in no way took away from the fast paced FPS nature of the game.  You have a limited number of AP or “Action Points” to use in it, which forces you to use it sparingly.

The game does have its drawbacks.  The third-person view is virtually useless and I switched to it only when I wanted to get a better look at my character.  Also, nearing the end of the game I encountered 3 or 4 serious freezes at critical moments, and a game breaking bug with my “Bad Karma” character in which the salesperson for room items and a key weapon plan simply dissapeared and never returned.


Regardless of its drawbacks, I can only think one thing about this game.  It is Bioshock and Oblivion fused into one, amazing, beautiful, enormous game.  Its depth of story feels epic from start to end, and even though I plan to visit the world again at least two more times, I walked away at the end feeling great about the experience the I had.

♥♠The Wandering Gambler♥♠ gives Fallout 3 a Straight Flush!



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  1. Yep. GO GNR!

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