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Broken By Design

There is a trend going around the video game world, an evil dark trend that punishes fans and hardcore gamers. A trend that if it keeps going very well may take the gaming industries legs out from under it

What I am referring to is the industries incessant desire to push out bug laden games. Now some of you may be thinking, “well they have been doing this for years”; and you would be correct. The issue here is, in the past the buggy games were PC games usually and that was to be expected. PC are not all the same and you are bound to run into a number of compatibility issues given the multitude of hardware manufacturers. One can accept the fact that many PC games have bugs, because that is the name of the game.

What is going on now is console games being released with bugs and a lot of them as or recent. Now I won’t pick out any games in particular, because I want to focus on the big picture here. There are two games alone in the past month that have been released with a number of graphical and game breaking bugs.

The graphical bugs, while a nuisance are not the issue here, although very few of them should be present in the final release. The problem is the game breaking bugs! This is the most important thing to avoid. Graphics, interface, cinematic bugs can be forgiven; but bugs that ruin the whole game, that is unforgivable and I would think as a respected game designer or publisher one would want to avoid such things.

Now there is a reason why this horrible trend has come about. The new systems with their hard drives and wifi/network connections can easily download a patch for a game and implement it. But this is console gaming, there is no reason for their to be any major game breaking bug or glitch…All the systems are freaking the same.

So what ends up happening, the early adopters and series loving fans who run out and buy the game at midnight on release day get hosed by the publisher, because they were more concerned with getting the game out and patching it latter, then to ensure that there was a product worth a damn to ship out.

What are your guy’s thoughts on the trend that is starting? Good, bad, who cares?


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