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Sonic Unleashed: Bring the silver bullet


After playing this game for a while, I am still not sure what demographic Sega was aiming for when creating “Sonic Unleashed”. If they’re trying to capitalize on the older generations of old school Sonic fans, they failed. If they’re going for little kids now to buy their game and are trying to attract new fans, they should have done more research.

Yes, the graphics are awesome. Sonic hasn’t looked this good since his Dreamcast days. Sonic in HD…nice. Its when they try to “change it up” with the “Werehog” persona that game starts going downhill. The first level of the game was absolutely awesome. It’s when I got control of the new werehog mode that I found myself a little bored and a lot more irritated.


What Sega didn’t realize is that they didn’t have to completely redo Sonic to make fans like him again. He was fine the way he was. It’s the gameplay and his little sidekicks and friends that were the problem. I have to admit, I actually played Sonic Riders. And hated the 8 minutes that I spent with that game. I missed the good old days when it was just Sonic doing his thank and Tails at a good safe distance away eating a chili dog or something.


Between the levels of Sonic Unleashed is a portion of the game that should have been omitted. I like RPG’s. I like Sonic games. I sincerely have no interest in a Sonic RPG game. That said, you have to walk around the cities (as Sonic and Were Sonic) and talk to people around the city and gather information. Sonic is an animal and he is meant for speed. He is not supposed to be mingling with the “gallery” town folk.


What there was of Sonic gameplay, I loved. When it was night, and I had to play as the Werehog, I wished I could just skip through and play the Sonic levels. The game has good presentation but its flaws make this a definite rental not a purchase game. If you have a young children at home, perhaps this is a game for them, But for us retro Genesis loving Sonic fans, please put the Werehog out of its misery.


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